2008 International Workshop on Cognitive Networks and Communications (COGCOM2008) 

28 August 2008, Hangzhou, China

2008 International Workshop on Cognitive Networks and Communications (COGCOM2008) will be held in conjunction with CHINACOM'08 in Hangzhou, China, 28 August 2008.

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The aim of the workshop is to bring together a highly qualified group of people with the state-of-art research and development in cognitive wireless networks. Cognitive techniques are becoming major subjects of research in the wireless communication community as they have been identified as some of the underlying principles for future wireless communication systems. Cognition is exploited as a means to use the wireless communication systems more efficiently and is widely applicable to aspects at all layers of the protocol stack including: adaptive signal processing, pooled spectrum management and sensing, and dynamic routing. The workshop will highlight the newest trends in this emerging area, complementing it with first practical implementations and demonstrations in this field. COGCOM seeks papers dealing with architectural issues, theoretical studies, new paradigms, but also contributions on enabling technologies for cognitive radio and cognitive wireless networks, practical implementations, and policy issues. Besides the technical insights, the workshop will encourage the participants to discuss among each other.